Electronic business documents for the modern developer.

GOBL is an open-source schema, library, and database that simplifies the creation of invoices around the world.

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Staggering amounts of time are wasted dealing with inefficient paper documents and archaic electronic formats.

Businesses have to manually extract data from paper receipts and PDFs which don't contain structured data.

Standards like XML and Text formats don't reflect the way our programming languages store or transfer data.

It's hard to understand the rules, types of taxes, and general formats required in any given market.

Dealing with this on a global scale is just a nightmare!

Everything you need to simplify electronic business documents, starting with invoices.

A JSON Schema
Defines how to create Business Documents in JSON, the most pragmatic communication format that has ever existed: easy to read by humans and computers alike.
A library and toolset
Defines in code the structures and calculations required so that users can focus on just getting the basics right.
A global tax database
Contains local taxes and validation rules, designed to reach every corner of the world.

Simple, structured, and easy to share.

We envision a future where everything we sell and buy generates a structured electronic document that can be sent and read by any platform around the world.

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