Open source global invoicing in JSON

GOBL makes it easier to build, share, and convert invoices globally with JSON Schema.

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The stakes are high when you're dealing with tax authorities, payments, countless rules, regulations, and formats:

GOBL brings order to the chaos of global invoicing by providing a common language for developers to build on.

Build efficient, compliant applications without the hassle of reinventing the wheel or figuring out XML.

Comply with local regulations by converting one single format into whatever is required locally.

We've experienced the pain of building invoicing systems for companies of all sizes, we believe there is a better way.

Everything you need to simplify electronic business documents, starting with invoices.

JSON Schema
Defines how to create Business Documents in JSON, the most pragmatic communication format created to date: easy to read by humans and computers alike.
Library and toolkit
Defines the structures and calculations required in code so that developers can focus on just getting the basics right.
Global tax database
Contains local taxes and validation rules designed to reach every corner of the world.
Conversion tools
Create your invoices once using GOBL, and convert them into other local formats easily like: CFDI, UBL, FacturaE, FatturaPA.
Open Source & Community
We believe in open source and the power of community. We're building GOBL with the help of developers around the world.

Simple, structured, and easy to share.

We envision a future where companies of any size or location can communicate electronically. Get started with GOBL today:

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